Catherine House Care Home: Through the Lens of Collin Moore-

Photography has a powerful way of speaking without words, it can evoke emotions and it is said that it can have the effect of reflecting the soul and thoughts of the person photographing and being photographed.

Imagine creating something that tells a story, that makes you cry with sadness or smile with happiness, creating a world where the power of imagery is the focus of what you do creates a world full of meaning, emotion, and connection.

Collin Moore has a story, a story filled with emotion and adventure and I am honoured to share and bring his story alive from pen to paper.

Collin lives at Catherine House Care Home in Frome, a care home whose ethos focuses on creating a home that reflects the individuals living there and although Collin now lives with a Dementia and in a care home, he still shows and is reminded of his love for film photography, an occupation he so dearly loved.

Born in Burma in 1937, Collin lived with his mother Mabel Moore who was related to the renowned Sculptor, Henry Moore. It was within the footsteps of Henry that Collin’s creative spirit began to blossom. The profound impact of this connection resonated deeply within Collin, moulding him into the uniquely imaginative individual he is today.

As the world emerged from the shadows of the war, Collin embarked on a transformative chapter of his life. He dedicated two years to national service, stationed in Germany. Amidst the thundering waves of change sweeping across the globe, Collin carried his beloved Kodak box camera by his side, capturing the essence of his surroundings. Through the lens of his camera, he discovered the profound power of a single photograph, each image telling a vivid tale of its own. It was here that Collin’s love as a photographer truly began.

Upon the completion of his national service, Collin attempted new horizons in the bustling city of London. Luck smiled upon him as he secured a position at Rank Tempo Transprints, impressing his manager with his undeniable photography skills. Within this professional haven, he embarked on diverse projects, each one expanding his expertise and refining his craft. Simultaneously, Collin ventured into the world of freelancing, capturing moments behind the scenes of films such as “Where Eagles Dare” in the Borehamwood MGM Studios. Though his contributions may have gone uncredited, Collin’s camera lens immortalized the memories of those cherished times.

Throughout his ventures in the film and video industry, Collin embraced the knowledge he gained from the companies he worked for. With unwavering passion, he remained engrossed behind the camera, capturing the essence of the spaces he visited. His artistry, allowed Collin to stand out in a sea of talent within the industry. Each click of the shutter witnessed his unique gift, a testament to the remarkable talent that emerged through his photographic journey.

Although Collin now lives with a Dementia his love for photography and film doesn’t go unknown. Catherine House understands the power of preserving cherished memories, with photographs scattered around the home, each image is a portal into Collin’s past, a vessel that carries him back to moments never to be forgotten. We celebrate these glimpses of his life, weaving them into the foundations that create a true continuation of home. Movie nights have become a precious ritual, a shared experience that binds us together as a family.

For Collin, Catherine House is not just a place of residence, but a sanctuary where his memories are resurrected, where the artistry of his past takes centre stage. Within these memories lies the essence of who Collin is, a testament to a life lived passionately through the lens of a camera.

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