Catherine House Care Home in Frome, Somerset, embarked on a delightful excursion to Weymouth beach in the sun over the weekend. Residents, who are fondly referred to as family members, equipped with hats, sunscreen, buckets and spades, were chauffeured in style by the care home’s dedicated minibus for a seaside rendezvous.

As the day unfolded, family members engaged in sandcastle building, basking in the sunshine, eating ice-cream and dipping their toes in the water along the shoreline. This not only brought them closer to the joys of nature but also allowed them to connect with each other in a different setting, fostering companionship and camaraderie. For elderly individuals, these interactions hold immense therapeutic value, promoting social engagement, emotional well-being, and a continued sense of vitality, aligning perfectly with Catherine House Care Home’s ethos of enriching lives.

For many, the seaside trip was a nostalgic journey back to their youth as they breathed in the fresh sea air and felt the sand beneath their feet, and sun on their faces. The day was topped off with a trip to the fish and chip shop (of course) and family members thoroughly enjoyed tucking into bags of chips before they set off back to home in Frome.

This day out exemplifies the philosophy of Catherine House Care Home, which believes that residents should continue to embrace life’s experiences even while living in a care home. The excursion provided a refreshing change of surroundings, along with valuable therapeutic advantages, ensuring that everyone had a positive and enriching experience.

Nestled in the heart of Frome, Catherine House Care Home embraces an individualised approach to care. Recognising the uniqueness of each person, the care home values their life history and personal journey.

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