Rolling for Victory: Nursing Home Residents Strike and Spare in Bowling Alley Showdown

Residents of Catherine House Care Home who are fondly referred to as family members, had a strikingly good time as they traded their everyday routines for a day of fun... Read more

Nursing Home Hosts Bank Holiday Garden Fiesta

Based in Frome, Somerset, Catherine House Care Home transformed its gardens into a bustling hub of activity in honour of the summer bank holiday. The team and residents, who are... Read more

Basking in the Sun: Nursing Home visits Weymouth Beach

Catherine House Care Home in Frome, Somerset, embarked on a delightful excursion to Weymouth beach over the weekend. Residents, who are fondly referred to as family members, equipped with hats,... Read more

Catherine House Care Home Welcomes Home Library Service

Catherine House Care home are delighted and honoured to partner with Somerset Libraries’ Home Library Service, opening their doors to welcome their residents to the wonderful world of literature. The... Read more

Joyful Summer Fete Brings Smiles and Sunshine to Local Care Home Residents

Catherine House Care Home proudly announced its much-anticipated Summer Fete, a heartwarming event that brought together residents, fondly referred to as family members, relatives, and the local community for a... Read more

Through the Lens of Collin Moore

 Photography has a powerful way of speaking without words, it can evoke emotions and it is said that it can have the effect of reflecting the soul and thoughts of... Read more

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The Power Of Volunteering with Sheena Picken

The feeling of being disconnected from the world around us is becoming somewhat familiar. As we spend more of our time interacting through online platforms and mobile phones, we often... Read more